January 25, 2007
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The New Congress and the Adventist Agenda
As politics in the U. S. becomes more polarized, what can Adventists expect?

Experiencing the Trinity
It's a mystery that can be experienced, but not explained.

Health in a Nutshell
The GC physicians remind us that all nuts are not created equal.

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Clifford Goldstein
The Mother of All Metanarratives
How does the truth of Christianity answer the questons of postmodernism?

Thom S. Rainer
The Church in 2011
The author believes that demographic trends in the U.S. signal a major shake up in some congregations.

Sample a cross section of live programming from several Adventist radio stations, media ministries, and local churches.

Watch the Hope Channel, the Adventist Church's official direct-to-home satellite network.

Proposed Bush Library
Divides U.S. Methodists
Is a church school the best place for
a presidential library and think tank? 

Religious Leaders Defend Obama
Against Madrassa Allegations
Many religious leaders detest the smear
campaign against the presidential candidate. 

National Baptists Meet, Eye More Aid
For New Orleans Churches
Many churches have yet to recover
from the historic hurricane.

U.S. 'Satisfied' With Religion's
Public Role, But More Want Less

Opinions tend to shift depending
on political persuasion.

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Adventist Surgeon Receives
UN Humanitarian Award

Onuoha Clement was recognized for
organizing a walk against hunger.

New Church Headquarters
Opens in South Africa

The new office complex is located
in Tshwane, South Africa.

ADRA Coordinates Feeding of 65,000
The initiative was promoted in 1,000
Adventist Churches in Colombia.

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