January 26, 2012


The Note It wasn't much; just a few words written on a piece of paper.
Yes, You Can Make a Difference! The world is changed by ordinary people. Really!
God's Church on Earth This is no time to think small.
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Lael Caesar
Heaven Heaven is where you let Jesus be.
Andrew McChesney
Team Spirit When the Holy Spirit works, sit back and marvel.

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New: Adventist Logo Approved
for Veterans Headstones
Six-year campaign yields results.       

Calendar Shift Doesn't Alter
Seventh Day, Samoan Church Says
As date line shifts, Adventists follow weekly cycle.  

New: ADRA Helps Ecuador's Volcano Victims 
Masks help reduce effects of pollutants. 

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in the headlines (RNS)

U.S. Split on Campaign Religion TalkFor many voters, religion is not a factor
when choosing a political candidate.  

Woman Charged With Embezzling
$1 Million From N.Y. Archdiocese
The archdiocese did not conduct a criminal background check.   

Study: U.S. Muslim Don't Want Shariah Some 212 Muslims were surveyed.   

European Secularists:
We're Not Treated Fairly
Humanists say the nonreligious
are discriminated against. 

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