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SEPT. 27, 2012


Introduction Welcome to Week of Prayer 2012--"Revival and the Word."
First Sabbath: Revival and the Word Are we ready to commit?
Sunday: Making God's Word Our Own Learning to benefit from its power
Monday: Heart and Soil What are you made of?
Tuesday: Revived--and Ready to Cross The Word of God and the Jordan river
Wednesday: A Call to Leadership What are the qualifications?
Thursday: The Richness of the Word Have you experienced the power of God's word?
Friday: Singing the Scriptures Singing scripture songs sends Satan scurrying away
Second Sabbath: Revival and Mission Our responsibility, individually and collectively
Children's Readings Week of Prayer readings just for children.
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online exclusives

church news          

Church Launches Committee
to Study Theology of Ordination
Report expected in 2014; stems from request
at GC Session.  

Andrews University Press Releases
Book on Homosexual Issues
First major title from an Adventist publishing
house on the topic.

ESD Holds First Youth Congress  More than 2,000 converge in Kiev, Ukraine. 
Adventist Pastors
Convene in Slovenia
Twelve hundred ministers and spouses attended the five-day gathering
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in the headlines (RNS)

Toledo Mosque Hit by Arson The center will be uninhabitable for at least three months.  

ENInews Suspends Service, Seeks Further Funding Officials hope the suspension is just temporary.

Man Behind Anti-Islam Film ArrestedNakoula Basseley Nakoula was arrested on probation violations.

Poll: Most Americans Don't Believe Scientology is a ReligionThe poll was conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair magazine.

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