November 15, 2012


 Mission How Florida Hospital's Spiritual Ambassadors are changing their world.
Premarital Sex or Purity? What happens when self-satisfaction becomes one of our highest priorities?
God and Aesthetics What is the true source of beauty?
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Gerald A. Klingbeil
Wild Goose Chase How do you keep the right balance between the past and the present?
Fighting the Good Fight In today's spiritual warfare are Christians fighting the wrong adversary?

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New: Earthquake Kills Five Adventists In GuatemalaWorst temblor in 36 years. 

Wilson Offers Prayers, Support in Hurricane Aftermath    
“Superstorm” hit Northeastern U.S., Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Republic.

New: Focus Evangelism on Medical
Ministry, Wilson tells Annual Council     
Keep church united in difficult times, he says. 

New: World Church Leaders Share Evangelism Updates   
In Euro-Asia even children help spread the Adventist message.  

New: Educational, Organizational Matters Top One Agenda    
Chinese Union Mission to focus on Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China.
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First Buddhist, Hindu Join the New Congress But the legislature remains overwhelmingly Christian.
Jews Push Back on Scouts Anti-Gay PolicyMany Jewish clubs will pull out of the annual Ten Commandments hike.

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