January 17, 2013


Religious Freedom in America What issues will make headlines in 2013?
Putting Away Childish Things What does it mean to be mature?
Divine Assassin? Did God really go after Moses? And if so, why?
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Lael Caesar
Purpose It's a matter of the heart.
Andy Nash
The Adventist Tipping Point We should be careful not to replace a culture that majored in minors with one that minors in majors.

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New: Theology of Ordination Committee Ends First Session
Members, officers optimistic about final outcome.   

New: Religiously Unaffiliated "Nones" Swell to 1.1 Billion
Third-largest group behind Christians, Muslims.  

New: Adventists Call for More Global Religious Freedom
Planning continues for May 2013 event in Brazil.   

New: Lifeglow, for Visually Impaired, Ends Run, New Magazine to Follow
Christian Record produced Lifeglow for 29 years. 
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in the headlines (RNS)

Religious Leaders Take on Gun LobbyMore than half of Americans say Newtown has changed their minds about gun control.

Europeans Launch Campaign to Recognize Life at ConceptionThe "One of Us" initiative is the first of its kind in Europe. 

Court Says U.K. Equality Laws Trump Personal Religious BeliefsEuropean court of Human Rights rejected three appeals by British Christians.

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