January 24, 2013


What's a Body to Do? When the doctor says, "You better sit down..."
Listening to Atheists Before they hear us they have to know we're listening.
And There Was Gossip in Heaven Satan figures, if it works, keep doing it.
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Sandra Blackmer
Tried and True Evangelism in its basic form is something we all can be a part of.
Andrew McChesney
Taking the Hint Do you have any marijuana plants--real or otherwise--tucked in your temple?

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church news

New: Adventists Prepare for NYC Outreach Training spans multiple sites, participants eager to reach neighbors.

New: 2013 GC Budget Targets Mission 
$42.4 million goes to fields outside North America. 

New: Volunteers Replace Storm-ravaged Curaçao School  
MVI completes project within six months.
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in the headlines (RNS)

Pope Benedict XVI to Resign, Citing Age
The pontiff will step down on February 28. 

White House Expands Exemptions From Contraception Mandate
New rules seek to address religious freedom concerns.

Justin Welby Confirmed as New Archbishop of Canterbury
Welby takes over from Rowan Williams. 

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