March 14, 2013


It Starts Here Sabbath school for babies and toddlers? Why not?
Red Shirt There are all kinds of ways to describe each other.
Do I Need a Gun? The question of self-defense is a complicated one.
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Bill Knott
Reclaiming the Library Understand the ideas around us, but test them by the clear and timeless Word of God.
Jimmy Phillips
Faith Over Feeling He sees the beginning from the end when we can barely see at all.

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church news

New: Wilson Makes Pastoral Visits
to Netherlands, Poland    
Stresses church unity, outreach with gosple message.      

New: AU Board Names Jiří Moskala
as Seminary Dean    
The announcement came March 5.

New: Adventist Security Leaders
Unite to Keep Campuses Safe   
PASS group to hold conference in July 2013. 

New: 50 New or Remodeled Churches
to Open in Dominican Republic   
Membership approaches 282,000 attending 686 congregations. 
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in the headlines (RNS)

Non-Catholics Greet Pope Francis with Guarded OptimismThe papacy has many observers from other faiths.  

Catholic Bishops Oppose Violence Against Women Act President Obama signed the measure into law on March 7. 

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