March 21, 2013


Beyond Belief Do those who leave the Adventist Church still consider themselves Adventist?
One (happy) Meal With Pie on the Side The word "compassion" takes on a whole different meaning.
In the Wilderness: The Epidemic After losing their focus, the children of Israel find it again.
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Wilona Karimabadi
A Faith of Don'ts? Are we known for only the things we don't do? We need to change that.
Bill Knott
Reclaiming the Library Understand the ideas around us, but test them by the clear and timeless Word of God.

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New: Pakistan: Adventists Among
Victims of Anti-Christian Violence    
At least 40 church members lose their homes.        

New: Vegetarian Diet Report Launched
at Loma Linda University    
LLU hosts conference on vegetarian nutrition.

New: One Project Draws Adventist Leaders to Chicago    
Two-day meeting celebrates "supremacy of Jesus." 

New: Wilson Makes Pastoral Visits
to Netherlands, Poland    
Stresses church unity, outreach with gospel message.
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in the headlines (RNS)

New Pope Means New Business for Recession-weary RomeNew pontiff could bring in 55 million euros from tourism.   

Obama Chooses New Director for the White House Faith-based OfficeMelissa Rogers succeeds Joshua DuBois. 

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