July 11, 2013


"I Don't Want a God Who..." The assumptions we bring to our study of the Bible determine what we know about God.
Show Me God What would you say?
Daring to Dream 3ABN's new urban network targets inner-city minorities.
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Bill Knott
At a Ross for Words The dignity of being made by God should make us fearless worshippers of God.
Dixil Rodríguez
This Book Belongs to... God's ways defy our imagination.
Gerald A. Klingbeil
Offline What would happen if you turned your computer off for a day -- or five?

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AR On the AirRadio@AROnline Sample a cross section of live programming from 30 Adventist radio stations, media ministries, and local churches.
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NEW: Robotics Group
Instills Science Skills     
Trains academy students, homeschoolers in tech disciplines.  

NEW: Journal of Adventist Education
Fills a Major Need      
The magazine is a resource for thousands of Adventist teachers.

NEW: Maryland Church
Reopens After 2012 Fire      
The 68-year-old building was restored in a little more than a year. 

NAD Responds to High Court Rulings on Gay Marriage     
Read an official statement from the North American Division president.

in the headlines (RNS)

Conservatives Say Religious Freedom is 'Under Attack' in MilitaryNew legislation would protect religious "actions and speech." 

Catholic Hospitals at Odds With Bishops Over Birth Control MandateBishops believe the religious protections are too narrow.    

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