August 22, 2013


Martin Doblmeier: Filmmaker What happens when an award-winning filmmaker focuses on Seventh-day Adventists?
Coming to Our Senses There's sight, then there's insight.
Hannah's Trial She knew what it was like to be misunderstood.
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Gerald A. Klingbeil
Commitment What about your commitment to your family, friends, church, and ultimately, your Savior?
Delbert W. Baker
The Telemachus Testimony One voice can make a world of difference.
Kimberley Luste Maran
The Tyranny of Smartphones Are you chained to your iPhone?

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NEW: New PBS Film on Adventist Education Available for Previewing
The documentary will air in early 2014.

NEW: 'Go Into the Harvest' Wilson Tells Northern Asia Adventists
Sabbath sermon at International Missions Conference

Northern Asia Adventists Launch Missions Conference
Thousands gather in Jeju Island, Korea.

Installation of New Seminary Dean at Andrews University

Jiří Moskala is welcomed to his new position at August 27 dedication.

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