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October 10, 2013


Citizenship Test Take olive branches to the next church business meeting.
What Happened in 1888? A General Conference session in Minneapolis that's still teaching us important lessons 125 years later.
E.J. Waggoner: The Man and His Legacy All about E.J. Waggoner
A.T. Jones Who was A. T. Jones?
The Faith of Jesus Discovering doctrinal truth that brings spiritual freedom.
The Theological Issues: Another Perspective What, exactly, should we take away from those discussions of 125 years ago?
Ellen White's Burden It was more than a matter of who was right.
Sabbath Afternoon Talk Ellen G. White writes about confession and God's amazing grace.
Theology of the Last Generation Revisiting Christian perfection.
The Nature of Christ Developing a well-rounded approach to Christology.
Universal Legal Justification An Adventist theologian examines a difficult doctrine.
The Genius of Disunity Disunity can do what heresy may not, says Lael Caesar.
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church news

NEW: La Sierra U. Gets 3-Year Adventist Accreditation Association Renewal    
AAA also approve Chilean Adventist University's dental school, notes changes at Atlantic Union College.

NEW: Pacific Press Asks to End
ABC Contracts    
Conferences will resume ownership; online options available. 

Seventh-day Adventist Wins
Sabbath Case   
Employer pays $158,000 to settle discrimination suit.

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in the headlines (RNS)

Conservatives Claim Increased Censorship on Facebook, iTunesViewpoint discrimination targets Christian values.

NC Catholic Dioceses Quit State Council of ChurchesBishops cited differences on abortion, same-sex marriage.

Bangladesh Parliament Members Sentenced to DeathHe was with genocide against Hindus.

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