Avenues to the Heart
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ead about midnight phone calls, miniskirts, spilled paint, swallowed buttons, rock climbing, and piano-teaching counselors. Avenues to the Heart: Teachers Who Made a Difference, published in 2006, is filled with stories about teachers who were all so human and made mistakes, but they love their students and that love changed lives.
How would you handle a little “David,” who picked up a stone and knocked “Goliath” out of the church window? How would you respond to a busy university professor who asked her husband to find you and pray with you just before your comprehensive exams began?
Edited by Larry Blackmer, an associate director of education for the North American Division, this book from Pacific Press Publishing Association will warm your heart and spark memories of those who have made a difference in your life.
Who knows? It might even inspire you to dedicate your life to influence just one life around you.

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