Mission Week:
We’re All Part of the Team

By Nancy Kyte, Mission Week Coordinator                                                                           [MAIN STORY]

Remember those exciting mission stories when you were a kid in Sabbath school? Sitting on the edge of your seat, you listened as each thrilling detail of the story unfolded. Would the witch doctor poison the little boy before help could arrive? Would the villagers be able to get the missionary’s jeep out of the mud before the tiger discovered them? Would the teacher ever come back and tell the villagers more stories about Jesus?

In those days it seemed as though spreading the gospel to all the world was the most important thing we did as a church. Today it’s still the most important thing we do.

The Office of Adventist Mission has brought back that same excitement with a brand-new program called Mission Week. Through the use of stories, games, videos, and activities, the mission-focused devotionals are designed to teach children that mission work depends on all of us doing our part, whether we’re out there in the mission field or not.

Created primarily for use in elementary schools, Mission Week can be adapted for use in children’s programs at church, home schools, or for family worship.

To ask for your free Mission Week program, click on Mission Week at www.AdventistMission.org. Available while supplies last.


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