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Global Warming- It’s Only the Beginning
I’m writing to affirm what Bruce Butler wrote, “Adventists and Global Warming”. We should be awed by God’s creation and be good stewards of it. To wantonly destroy animal life (Prov. 12:10) and valuable trees (Deut. 20:19) is against Christian principles.
However, that being said, it is not proven that carbon dioxide is the major contributing cause of global warming. That theory is being debated by scientists and is not a hard fact as the media hype or Al Gore would have us believe (
We need to be aware of the issues– not just jump on bandwagons, but make informed decisions. Where there is uncertainty, as in this case, let us be cautious in advocating solutions that may not do any good, and impose unnecessary burdens.
Such an unnecessary burden is found in Butler’s assertion that Canadians and Americans should reduce their family size. I’ve looked at the census data from United States and Canadian sources and I have found that the average family size for Canadians is 3.0 ( and 3.14 for the U.S.
What, then, should these groups lower their numbers to? Should they go from a one child home to a zero child home? I don’t think that is a realistic solution. What needs to happen is for political agendas and “mother earth” worship to be laid aside and calm wisdom to prevail. The “global warming” we should really be concerned to tell the world about is that which will happen at the last Judgment. Ice caps melting are one thing. Mountains melting, seas boiling away, and death from which one cannot be resurrected, is a whole different story.
Marko Kolic
Berrien Springs, Michigan

I am deeply saddened to see the Review become the propaganda organ of political issues of the day. The editors should be able to see the difference between fact and propaganda, and eliminate, or at least qualify the latter. No one doubts the fact that the earth, over centuries and millenniums, has warmed and cooled. But to jump on Al Gore’s bandwagon, and push his political agenda is a tragedy. Half of the earth scientists disagree with Gore’s conclusions and hysteria and we look silly for taking sides. The arguments are so far from conclusive. Anyone who reads broadly will feel sad, as I do, to see our official papers take sides.
If you feel you must take up the issue, why not have both sides presented? I fear our leadership itself has become so biased they won’t risk objectivity.
Elden Walter
Warrenton, Oregon

Justice for All? Heaven Can’t Wait
Kim Osborn’s cover story, “Justice for All” (May 17, 2007) was so gripping! It left me wanting to board a plane to Conakry, seeing if somehow I could help alleviate the terrible suffering. I plan to email Kim and see what can be done from my home in Michigan. I also felt very grateful to Frederic, Eric and Kim for what they are doing to help those who are being treated so badly and unjustly.
“Heaven Can Wait?” by Sari Fordham touched my heart as well. I am more than 50 years old, and I struggle with sometimes wanting Jesus to wait before He returns. Sari put into words what so often has been just below the surface in my thoughts, and I really appreciated her conclusions. These two articles really impacted my walk with Jesus in very different but needed ways. Thank you.
Debbie Danforth Eskildsen
Edmore, Michigan

God’s Man, Darwin?
Thank you, Clifford Goldstein for that fabulous page clarifying so well the foolishness of “theistic evolution” (God’s Man, Darwin,” May 24, 2007). It seems that at the present the entire Christian World from the Pope on through the mainline churches to the Jehovah’s Witnesses have fallen for that philosophy. Let us hope that readers of the Adventist Review will be safely immunized against this deception from now on.
Robert E Bolton

Everyday Evangelism- Teaching Students to Love God
I appreciated the article by Homer Trecartin, “Everyday Evangelism (May 24, 2007). Winning children to Christ should be our top priority. I admire our teachers for using their training and expertise in our own schools. The example of Dolores in his article is a good illustration of what can happen to a student if shown love by teachers and fellow students.

God bless our faithful teachers!
Clyde Brooks
Oxford, Georgia

Keeping the Faith Amidst Worldly Conflicts
I’ve just finished reading the online article, “Divorce and the Remarriage Challenge.” Admittedly, the article seems to be five years old. However, once again I’m feeling let down by the author’s discussion of this subject. He, too, has danced around the vital point and left his readers, the ones who are unwittingly committing the sin of adultery, feeling unconvinced enough to do anything about it.
Indeed, the sin of adultery (which remarriage after divorce, in most cases, is) is of the greatest importance, because it’s the clandestine terrorist bomb in the devil’s hand that is blowing the church apart, causing its last day influence to be substantially damaged. We will be shortly uniting in prayer for the outpouring of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, yet we continue to excuse and permit outright adultery in our midst by not plainly pointing out Jesus’ commandment on this mortal sin.
Our Lord’s words, backed up by Paul(and the whole Bible) are plain and to the point: “Whosoever shall marry her [and him] that is divorced commits adultery” (Matt. 5:32; 19:9; Mark 10:11, 12; Luke 16:18). “So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress” (Rom. 7:3). If Christians would simply live by the words of their Savior the multitude of problems caused by unlawful marriage in the remnant church could be totally cleaned up. Jesus is not returning until they are. Then He will gladly say, “Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (Rev. 14:12).
Preston Bradley
Huntsville, Alabama

Reaching Latin America for Christ
The article by Stephen Chavez regarding the kick off of the Esperanza TV brought a lot of memories (“Esperanza TV Launches Hispanic Outreach,” Apr. 19, 2007).
When my wife, Lucila, and I arrived in the United States in April, 1956, we lived in Glendale, California before going to La Sierra College to further our education. Our neighbor was Walter Schubert, and we became good friends. He was a great evangelist, who was conducting one the very first evangelistic meetings for Spanish-speaking people in the Los Angeles area. He was an expert in evangelism to Catholics. We attended several meetings.
From that beginning we now have 150,000 members; and with this new channel we will reach Latin America for Christ.
Leo Ranzolin
Estero, Florida

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