Church Professional Network Reaches 25 Partners, Nears 14,000 Members
database connecting Seventh-day Adventist institutions with potential employees and other opportunities has now gained 25 sponsoring partners and crossed the 14,000-member mark.
Launched in 2000, the Adventist Professionals' Network (APN) helps Adventist institutions reach professionals with targeted announcements in specific fields of work. Network registration is free for degreed professionals and serves hospitals, schools and church administrative headquarters around the world.
"It's not an employment agency," said the network's administrator Dr. Humberto Rasi, former education director for the Adventist world church. "This is a bridge between Adventist members seeking to serve the church and Adventist institutions trying to locate those members who have talents and degrees to support the church's mission."
For a fee, institutions can reach registered users by specialty, profession, language and country. The service is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Some church leaders have found the network helpful, saying it would otherwise be difficult to find a qualified candidate to fill a position in a particular work field or country. Registered users represent 145 countries and more than 40 languages.
The church's Inter-American Division, which includes Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America, has used the network to help fill several employment needs since it became a network partner 10 months ago.
"It's very important for us to consider not only those in our area when we have a need, but also to have a spectrum of different people available to work in our institutions," said Eli Henry, division vice president for human resources.
He also uses the service for education and health care institutions in the division.
"The APN database is steadily growing as the word gets around," Rasi said. "We have made a promise not to fill your e-mail with anything else. It is strictly for professional communication."
According to his estimate, the average Adventist professional knows at least five other Adventist professionals in the same field or study.
"Many of those who join APN are not necessarily looking for a job but trying to connect with other professionals in their field," Rasi said.
For more information, visit the group’s Internet Web site
                                                                                                                   -- By Ansel Oliver, ANN

Adventist World Goes Online

Adventist World, the international paper for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has made the transition from print to online formats, with the launch of, a Web site available in English, with French, Spanish and Korean, among other languages, to be added in the coming months. The site offers Internet access to articles and features from the global publication of the 15-million member Christian church.

"We're delighted to have an instant connection available to readers around the globe," Dr. William Knott, editor and executive publisher, said. "Already, Adventist World has proven itself as a source of news, information and inspiration to our Adventist Church family, and I believe this will be enhanced with global access to the magazine."

Each month, Adventist World features 32 pages of articles covering news, Biblical issues, Adventist beliefs, health concerns and other items of interest to Seventh-day Adventist Christians. These will be available online, free of charge, as the print magazine is now. An estimated 1.5 million people receive the print edition monthly.

One advantage of the online edition is an ability to present content in a way that is easy to access and recommend to others. The Web site is designed to reflect the layout of the print magazine, but also offers the electronic flexibility unique to the Internet.

"We invested a great amount of time and effort to make the Adventist World Web site attractive and easy to use," said Carlos Medley, Online Editor for the magazine. "It is my hope that a global audience will enjoy and appreciate this new resource, one which will grow in capabilities and offerings as time goes by."

The magazine continues a 158 year tradition of Adventist Church communication to its constituents. Adventist World was announced in 2005 during the 58th General Conference Session and launched a few weeks later. 
                                                                                                                       -- by Adventist World staff

Greece: Wildfires Affect Church Members

The grave situation in Greece during what is deemed the worst two weeks of wildfires in living memory, also affected members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church there. Among those affected were the 35 members of the Adventist church in Zacharo, a city in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese peninsula, where the fire started.

"When we saw the news on TV, we called regional pastor Kostas Theofilaktides back from his holiday," said Alekos Papilias, Secretary/Treasurer of the Greek Mission of the Adventist Church. "We also prepared the Church's camp owned by the Church to be ready for use, if it should be needed."

"We made an appeal to all of our church members to pray, as we tried all day to contact the elder and other members of Zacharo church -- but without success , "said Apostolos Maglis, leader of the Adventist Church in Greece. "For several hours we were very uneasy as we watched the fires on TV and listened to the news reporting that some people had died. 

The police prohibited anyone from approaching the area, so all we could do was to pray and trust in God." Two days later it was a great relief to the leadership and the members of the Adventist church, when the senior elder was able to contact one of the employees at the Greek Mission office. He reported that all the church members in the Zacharo church, together with hundreds of other people, had stayed at the seashore for two days to save their lives.

"We praise the Lord and glorify His name," says Pastor Theofilaktides. "We would also like to thank all our members for their support and prayers during these difficult times," added Pastor Maglis. And he continued, "Now comes another difficult time. Almost all of our members in the Zacharo area are farmers. In September and October they would have been ready to harvest the vines and olives. Now they have nothing." 
                                                                                                                                                          -- TED news

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