Dear Friend:

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us about the appropriateness of references to Christmas in various Adventist Review articles.

Our practice at this magazine, now in its 158th year, is to carefully follow the counsel of the servant of the Lord with regard to how we depict the annual celebration of Christ’s birth. Ellen White was very clear, as are almost all Bible scholars, that December 25th is not the date of Christ’s birth, and that the actual date of His birth will remain mysterious. She offers abundant counsel about what we would today call the “commercialization” of Christmas, noting that it is too frequently a day for self-indulgence and self-seeking. She is equally clear, however, that Christmas may be put to good purposes in the life of Bible-believing Adventists, including the giving of small gifts to each other, charitable contributions to the poor, and even the use of Christmas trees in our churches as acceptable practices.

It is to these simple and even helpful remembrances of Christ’s birth that the Adventist Review points in its references to celebrating Christmas. Our goal is to continually point readers to the spiritual realities that lie behind the popular celebration of Christmas. Acknowledging the birth of Christ and the great gift of His incarnation is certainly something each of us ought to do at least annually. As Ellen White pointed out, this can be done in simple, heartfelt ways that underline the spiritual significance once attached to this day.

Thank you for dialoguing with us about the things that truly matter.


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