What Is Investment? 

BY G. EDWARD REID, Stewardship director, North American Division                                    [ Main Story ]

t’s been around in the Adventist Church for more than 100 years. It brings in about $4 million each year. And some people don’t even know what it is. But Sabbath school Investment is coming back to life. Investment was designed for church members who like to see new, innovative projects that have the potential to really make a difference in communities in the interests of the kingdom of God.

Investment offerings go beyond what we regularly and systematically do in our tithes and offerings. The Investment idea starts in the mind of a person who is challenged by the concept of partnership with God—with making an initial “investment” in a project that is dedicated to God through the Sabbath school Investment program. You begin with “seed money” to start a new venture that is dedicated to God. The profits from this project are then contributed to the Investment program in support of new outreach programs.

Each year, on a rotating basis, two union conferences in North America are encouraged to select projects in local conferences that are new and interesting enough to spark the support of Investment leaders and church members. All 13 world divisions of the Adventist Church have their own projects. From the funds allocated to the North American Division for Investment, a portion goes to the projects that have been highlighted and advertised throughout the year. To see the 2008 Investment projects, visit www.adventist
stewardship.org. On the home page click on “Investment,” then scroll down to “2008 Mission Investment Projects.” Join the growing ranks of Sabbath school mission investors!

Some Great Help
A new 20-page booklet has just been produced by a number of experienced Investment leaders. A Quick Start Guide for Sabbath School Investment outlines the duties of the Investment leader, gives a history of Investment, and shares ideas that can spark the interest of your church families. Information is given about setting your church’s Investment goal and how to utilize goal devices. The Worthington Foods UPC/Label Investment program is explained. Reporting forms and explanatory information for the UPC program can be downloaded under “Investment” from www.adventiststewardship.org. The new Investment booklet also has monthly Investment messages for your church bulletin. The Investment booklet can be ordered from AdventSource. At the home page just type “Investment” in the search window, and the new guide is the first item under “Books.”


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