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According to the office of the NAD assistant to the president for administration, the following eight individuals were elected to new conference president positions since NAD Year-end Meetings 2004:

• Neil Biloff—president of Dakota Conference (former ministerial director of Alaska Conference; replaces Van Hurst, who is now church ministries director of Mid-America Union).

• Jeffrey Brown—president of Bermuda Conference (former professor of Education, Religion, and Theology at Oakwood College; replaces Samuel Bulgin, who is currently pastor of the Attleboro-Lincoln Rhode Island Adventist Church in the Southern New England Conference).

• Benjamin Browne—president of South Central Conference (former president of Ethiopian Union; replaces Joseph McCoy, who has been appointed executive director of the Regional Conference Retirement Plan).

• James Davidson—president of Carolina Conference (former secretary of Carolina Conference; replaces Kenneth Coonley, who retired).

• Jerome Davis—president of Lake Region Conference (former ministerial director of Lake Region Conference, replaces Norman Miles).

• Gerald Penick—president of Southeastern California Conference (former assistant to the president for black ministries of Southeastern California Conference; replaces Lynn Mallery, who retired).

• Gordon Pifher—president of British Columbia Conference (former executive secretary of Upper Columbia Conference; replaces Harry Sackett, who retired).

• Ed Wright—president of Georgia-Cumberland Conference (former senior pastor of Collegedale, Tennessee, Adventist Church; fills vacancy left when former president Dave Cress died in a plane crash).

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