Adventist Education: Issues and Answers   
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uring the next 12 months, the Adventist Review will feature groundbreaking articles about Adventist education from leading educators and thinkers. Look for these topics and authors:
     --How do we develop and evaluate Adventist curricula? / Debra Fryson
                    --What standards are used to accredit our schools, and what does that mean? / Dennis Plubell
                    --What are we learning from the first two years of the CognitiveGenesis study? /
                     Elissa Kido and Robert Cruise
                    --What makes an Adventist school a “safe” place? / Karl Haffner
                    --Cost vs. Value. Adventist education is expensive, but is it worth it? / Jim Epperson
                    --Is Adventist education for everyone? / Doug Walker 

                   --How does Adventist education stack up technologically? / Jonathan Sumner and Richard Carey


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