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Top Awards at ACP Convention 
Canadian Adventist Messenger also a winner

BY KIMBERLY LUSTE MARAN, Assistant Editor, Adventist Review
dventist Review won four Associated Church Press (ACP) awards during the group’s annual convention held April 20-23 in Westlake, Texas, near Fort Worth. ACP is the oldest religious interdenominational press association in North America.
The Review received two awards of excellence at this year’s banquet. The October 11, 2007, cover story, “Abuse in the Adventist Church?” by René Drumm with Marciana Popescu, Gary Hopkins, and Linda Spady, garnered top prize in the Personally Useful category. Judge James F. Scotton stated, “[This is] a courageous effort. The article shows that some church leaders would rather not deal with or even recognize the problem. The article shows the reader the problem and then that there are steps to be taken to deal with it.”
IN REVIEW: Roy Adams, associate editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines speaks with Carlos Medley, online editor, during the Associated Church Press convention in Westlake, Texas. The Review won a total of four ACP awards.  [Photo: Stephen Chavez, AR]
In the Publication Website category, the Review received top honors for its online version of the magazine. Edited by Carlos Medley, and designed by Clayton Kinney, ACP judge Diane Bugeja, a lecturer at Iowa State University, had this to say about the site: “The design is very clean and professional. Good visual layout and use of graphics and photography. It was easy to navigate on this site. Good use of color and design, and the content is relevant to the target audience. The writing is intelligent and reflects the mission statement.”
The April 26 cover story on the International Religious Liberty Association, “Setting the Table for Faith,” written by Bill Knott, editor and executive publisher, received an award of merit. It was cited as “an impressive job of covering an important event and explaining what makes it so important to this particular audience. Myriad quotes provide a lot of information about this historic world congress for religious liberty and how the IRLA operates. The prose is elegant yet readable.”
“Abuse in the Adventist Church?” picked up the Review’s final award of merit in the Feature Article: Magazine (Long Format) category. In critique of the article and accompanying pieces, judge Melanie Rigney a former editor of Writer’s Digest magazine, stated, “This is an excellent package—timely, well written, expert point of view, [and a] lead that hooks the reader.”
One other Adventist publication brought home three honors: two awards of excellence and one award of merit. The Canadian Adventist Messenger, edited by Crystal Holloway and designed by Joan Tanasiychuk, received the Best in Class: Acorn Award of Excellence, the award of excellence for letters to the editor (April 2007), and the award of merit for professional resource article with the two-part piece by Doug Matacio entitled “Connecting Canada to Christ and the Church.”
Adventist-owned MCM Designs was also recognized as offering their publications award-winning design in the Best in Class: Denominational Magazine category (achieving a tie result for awards of merit for both clients DisciplesWorld and Interpreter), in Cover Design with an honorable mention going to DisciplesWorld (tied with two other publications), and in Magazine Design, Entire Issue (4-color) with honorable mention going DisciplesWorld, again in a three-way tie for the third-place position.
Founded in 1916, ACP is a community of communication professionals brought together, according to its Web site, by faithfulness to their craft and by a common task of reflecting, describing, and supporting the life of faith and the Christian community. Nearly 200 publications, Web sites, news services, and individuals are ACP members. The organization represents a combined circulation audience of several million readers. Publication members from the U.S., Canada, and English-speaking communities abroad comprise the majority of ACP’s membership.
Since 1849, Adventist Review has been the flagship journal of the Seventh-day Adventist movement, having commenced publication 14 years before the church was formally organized as the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in 1863. Today, Adventist World, the international paper for the church, which appears in six languages in print and seven online, joins the Review in communicating news of the world church to its constituency.

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