Confiscated Books                 [Main Story]

Global Mission pioneer moved to an unentered town in his country to help plant a church. He sold Adventist books to help support his family and make contacts in the community. He was making some progress, but it was hard work. Many people didn’t want even to hear about what he had to sell.
Then one day police officers surrounded him, arrested him, roughed him up a bit, and took him to the police station. After intense interrogation, they confiscated all his books and released him.
What to do now? How would he contact people, and how would his family eat and pay rent?
After a few days of wrestling with God in prayer, the pioneer had a brainstorm: Maybe he and his wife could make slippers and sell them until he could figure out how to get books again. They bought a little material and made a couple of sets. He sold those so he could buy more material and make more slippers.
Months have gone by and the pioneer has decided not to go back to selling books—at least not as his main product. The slippers don’t raise suspicion like the books did. He now gets into almost every home at which he stops. And in the homes he finds many opportunities to build friendships and even pray with people. A group has begun to meet together each week, and he feels a number will soon be joining the Adventist Church.
                                                                                                              —Homer Trecartin

Really Small Groups

BY HOMER TRECARTIN, planning director, Office of Adventist Mission

In one city, it is illegal for groups of more than four people to meet together, unless the group is registered--no matter the reason or the religion they observe.

The Adventist church was registered there in the past, but a "technicality" caused its registration to be revoked. Because our members had been registered, the government knows who they are and it watches them closely.

Our members don't break the law. They meet each Sabbath and for prayer meetings, etc., in 17 small groups of three or four each. They pastor and two elders circulate among the groups and the membership is growing.

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