Mommy, I Saw Angels!                       [Main Story] 

artin and his daddy crossed the border and drove slowly through the city. Martin was not yet 3, and this was just a fun trip for him; but his daddy’s heart was beating fast. Carefully he scanned the people along the road until his eyes met those of the young man he was looking for. They didn’t smile or wave, but they knew each had seen the other.
Martin and his daddy slowly drove through several streets and finally stopped near one of the city parks. They walked to a little kiosk, bought some drinks, then sat at an empty table. By the time the young man sauntered up and sat down, Martin was running and playing in the park.
The sun was shining, but a cold chill settled over Daddy’s heart as he watched a group of men walk up and sit at a nearby table. They didn’t seem to be there for any purpose, but they kept watching as he and the young man talked for one hour, two hours.
Three hours later, as Martin’s daddy and the young man finally got up from the table, the group of men got up also. Slowly the two walked toward the stairs leading out of the park. The men followed. Martin ran over and took his daddy’s hand, and together they climbed the steps out of the park and walked toward their car, trying to act nonchalant.
As they left the border crossing, Martin’s daddy finally started to breathe easily again. By the time they reached their fifth-floor apartment the shaking in his legs was almost gone. Then, when they opened the door to the apartment, Martin dropped his daddy’s hand and ran 
into the house shouting, “Mommy, I saw angels! Mommy, I saw angels!”
Mommy knelt down beside him and 
said, “Really, Martin? Where did you see angels?” She thought he was remembering 
the angels they talked about in Sabbath 
school a few days earlier.
“On the steps, Mommy, standing on the 
steps in the park.”
Mommy looked at Daddy. Daddy collapsed into a chair, his heart pounding again as he realized what had happened. Now he knew why the men had followed him to only the 
bottom of the stairs and suddenly turned and walked away.
Martin’s parents are missionaries living and working in a difficult part of the 10/40 window. They are a young family with two small children. Because of the sensitivity of the work they do, their picture and names cannot be used here.
The church doesn’t just send missionaries to the easy parts of the world. Because we take seriously the gospel commission to carry the good news to every man, woman, and child on earth, Adventist missionaries often find themselves in challenging, even dangerous, situations. They appreciate knowing you support them with your prayers.
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                                                                                                                                  —Homer Trecartin

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