'Historic' Adventist Church Business Meeting Held in North Korea
First Executive Committee in closed nation in over 50 years
or the first time in more than half a century, Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders in its Northern Asia-Pacific Division held their mid-year Executive Committee meeting in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. The May 2008 gathering was the first such meeting there since that country closed its borders in 1953.
GIFTED HANDS: Dr. Ben Carson is one of the world's most respected neurosurgeons and a devout Seventh-day Adventist. Carson, 56, said he prays for guidance before every surgery. [Photo courtesy Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly/RNS]
 HISTORIC MEETING: Officers for the church in Northern Asia, from left: Akeri Suzuki, secretary; Jairyong Lee, president; and Clyde M. Iverson Jr., treasurer, shown at historic business session held in Kumgangsan, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. [ANN Photos]
Meeting for one day in the city of Kumgangsan, church officers established Chinese theology education and examined implementation of the world church's “extraordinary tithe,” a substantial, one-time gift received by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, for this region of the world.
"We have no organized work in North Korea, so to have an official meeting is an historic occasion," said Glenn Mitchell, a spokesman for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, in an interview with Adventist News Network.
Delegates also visited the North Korea Agricultural Project, a farm run by Adventist pastor Kim Suk Man of the Yang Yang Jaeil Adventist Church in South Korea. For nine years, he has managed the farm in cooperation with the North Korean government and Hyundai Corporation, instructing farmers how to produce vegetables for those in need in North Korea.
More than 1.5 billion people reside within the territory covered by the Adventist Church's Northern Asia-Pacific Division, making it the most populous of the denomination's 13 world divisions.
                                                                                          -- Reported by Adventist News Network, with AR staff

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