High-Tech Outreach Nets Baptisms
Woman heard God’s voice, but tipping point came at Internet seminar.                    [Main Story]

en years ago, Brenda Perkins was hanging up the laundry on Saturday afternoon, when she received the strong impression (she believes from the Lord) that Saturday is the Sabbath. She was impressed to go and read Exodus 20, and the very next Sabbath, she walked over to the Mount Olive Seventh-day Adventist Church in Athens, Georgia.
For a decade, this former Baptist had attended the Mount Olive church on and off, but never really made a commitment. However, God was busy working behind the scenes.
In early 2007 someone handed Perkins an Amazing Facts home Bible study course, which she completed.
The “final straw” arrived in the form of ChurchPond’s online revival series InterNet ’07. Perkins was invited to the Mount Olive church to view a downlink presentation of the series. The theme in 2007—“The Ten Commandments Revealed”—was presented by Carlton P. Byrd, senior pastor of the Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church in Atlanta.
After attending the 10-day presentation, Perkins decided 
to be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In June 2007 Robert Guerrero, pastor of the Mount Olive church, 
baptized Ms. Perkins at the South Atlantic Conference camp meeting.
Perkins’ story is that of a woman seeking truth and finding it. It is also a story of the importance of each element of the church’s evangelistic efforts. From Bible workers to members handing out tracts and inviting neighbors to church, Perkins’ testimony showcases the classic efforts of the church to invite new believers.
In addition, this story also illustrates the use of technology to spread the gospel. ChurchPond.com is an online ministry best known for streaming live and archived church sermons. Its worldwide reach has resulted in baptisms as near as Texas and as far away as China. Each year, ChurchPond also hosts an InterNet evangelistic series. This program first aired in 2006, with Calvin Watkins as the speaker. James Doggette of the Madison Mission Seventh-day Adventist Church is scheduled to present InterNet ’08 in the fall.
ChurchPond.com founder Urick LaDonis reports at least four people were baptized as a result of the 2007 outreach. With church involvement ballooning from two churches (involved in Internet evangelism) in 2006, and four churches in 2007, to almost 15 churches in InterNet ’08, ChurchPond and the participating congregations look forward to many more baptisms this fall.
Churches are encouraged to contact ChurchPond directly for details on how to become downlink sites for InterNet 2008.
                                                                                                            —D. Dwayne Adams

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