Kellon Hill, 18, Bermuda Institute Graduate,
Dies from Attack Wounds
ellon Hill, an 18-year-old Seventh-day Adventist and a member of the Bermuda Institute 2008 graduating class, died from a stabbing incident on August 9, while attending a farewell beach party. Devastated family members, students, and friends awoke to the tragic news the following morning. Hill was due to leave for the U.S. on August 12, to continue his education at Oakwood University.

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Kellon Hill would have started college at Oakwood University,
[Photo: Bermuda Conference]
Media reports indicate Hill, described as a “brilliant” student, perished when attacked, allegedly by gang members in a Bermuda beach park. According to The Royal Gazette newspaper, police said Hill was a victim and was “thought to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“He was a brilliant, deep thinker. He questioned everything, he didn't just accept stuff," Sheila Holder, Bermuda Conference Communication director and former Bermuda Institute principal, told the newspaper. “He had a smile to melt your heart. I really could not get upset with him.”

Bermuda Institute, a Seventh-day Adventist-owned school, opened its doors for prayer and counseling for five hours on the afternoon of August 10. Approximately 60 students and teachers availed themselves of the opportunity to gather and remember Kellon as friend, student, and relative. Moving tributes were paid to their fallen classmate, and many questioned why this had to happen. Many were in despair and tears were shed, but they have a hope that they will see Kellon again, if they are faithful. Doug Tucker, a member of Devonshire Seventh-day Adventist Church and a retired social worker, and Saadia Bean, family counselor and member of Southampton Seventh-day Adventist Church, led out in the counseling sessions. Several Bermuda Conference pastors also assisted.

 “The Bermuda Conference and the Bermuda Institute extend heartfelt condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hill, Kellon’s parents, and his siblings for the senseless and untimely death of their son and brother. Our prayers are with the entire family, and may the blessed promises of God sustain them at this time,” said Jeffrey Brown, Bermuda Conference president.

-- Reported by Bermuda Conference communications/AR staff


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