Sacramento Adventist Academy
Graduate Wins Olympic Gold

acramento Adventist Academy (SAA) graduate Mary Whipple won a gold medal for the United States at the Beijing Olympics on Sunday August 17. Whipple is the coxswain for the women's eight-member rowing crew.

Whipple attended SAA her junior and senior years, graduating in 1998. Students and teachers were excited by her victory as they gathered for the first day of school on Monday. "We are very proud of our alumnus winning a gold medal," said Principal Bettesue Constanzo.

English teacher Kathy Provonsha remembers Whipple well. "Mary was an outstanding student, a hard worker, and even in high school she loved crew. We all knew about it. She was very committed to that schedule," says Provonsha. "She and her twin sister were well-liked, popular, and active socially."

A coxswain sits in the boat's stern, facing the rowers, steering the boat, coordinating the tempo and energy of the rowers, and motivating the team. Whipple won the silver medal for the same event at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

--Northern California Conference Communication Department

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