India: Anti-Christian Violence
Leaves 27 Adventists Dead
eventh-day Adventist Church leaders in India have reported 27 Adventists dead from anti-Christian brutality that developed in the eastern India region of Orissa in late August. Church leaders said there are still violent outbreaks in the area, but India's Central Reserve Police forces are patrolling the state.

Choudampalli John, president of the East-Central India Union Section, reported that he was not allowed to enter the areas where extremist violence occurred. John also said some Adventists are still hiding in the jungles because they fear retribution from other refugees at government-run aid camps.

Agence France-Presse reported at the beginning of September that 13,000 refugees were spread throughout seven camps. The majority of the refugees are Christians who lost their homes during the raids.

Hindu extremists are blamed for beheading an Adventist pastor in August. Samuel Naik, pastor of the Phulwani Adventist Church, and his mother were killed during anti-Christian violence sweeping the region of India. Church leaders reported that Naik's wife, previously reported to have committed suicide, is still alive.

The outbreak came after unidentified attackers killed a Hindu religious leader and four other individuals. Hindus are blaming Christians for the deaths, while the Indian government cited Maoist rebels.                     
--Adventist News Network


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