here’s a moment in every unveiling when the ownership of the thing created passes from the maker to the multitude. The composer roams the upper balconies, longing for the maestro’s downbeat. The sculptor waits the fortunate hand that pulls the cord to move the scarlet drape.

This is that moment for the editorial team of the Adventist Review—the day when the new edition we’ve spent the last 18 months imagining becomes the journal you hold in your hand. We can’t claim to be indifferent to what you think of it, for we’ve given it a fresh, contemporary look; shorter, clearer articles; clean new fonts and graphics; and no small portion of our sweat, our dreams, and our prayers.

Now the thing is done, the fledgling is launched, the melody begun, and only time and faithful readers will let us know if we’ve done it well.

When we launched this process months ago, we promised you a journal that’s timely, clear, welcoming, informative, inspiring, and faithful. We’ve kept those promises by bringing you:
  • Expanded news of the global Adventist church, “front-loaded” in each edition, with late-breaking stories and compelling cover features matched to the issues Adventists are talking about today. Look for enriched coverage on the AR Web site ( of the stories and topics that catch—and keep—your interest. Seventy thousand believers visit AR Online every month: you should too.
  • Fresh, unambiguous explorations of key Bible teachings on creation, the Sabbath, the sanctuary, and spiritual gifts to make the vital truths of Adventism accessible to readers of every age and background. The “Heart and Soul” section each week offers inspiring devotionals, well-balanced theology, and practical help for daily Christian living.
  • A special focus on young adults as well as those new in the faith. For tens of thousands of young Adventists, this magazine is the primary portal into a worldwide community of nearly 25 million believers in every time zone, culture, and region. Meet believers from around the Adventist world in these pages, in our new online blogs, and through our vibrant “Letters” section 36 weeks a year.
  • A new emphasis on wellness and preventive medicine in these pages, along with our popular “Ask the Doctors” column and well-researched articles about weight management, dietary choices, and coping with addictions.
  • Thought-provoking opinion and incisive commentary about church life, social issues, lifestyle matters, and education, offered every week by the keenest minds and best authors in Adventism. Challenge yourself with crisp, timely editorials from our team. Read Cliff Goldstein on wrestling with doubt; Sari Fordham on why Adventists should care about the environment; Freddie Russell on building credibility in the community; and Jimmy Phillips on breaking into the workforce.
  • Heartwarming stories of grace and witness as Adventists move beyond what’s comfortable to touch their communities with love and service. You’ll be proud to know what your church is doing to help AIDS victims and hurricane survivors—and you’ll be challenged to carry that cup of cold water yourself.
  • An abiding focus on the certainty of Jesus’ second coming and preparing a people to meet Him in peace. It still says, “Behold, I come quickly” on our masthead—and make no mistake about it, we still believe it.  
We think you’ll like what you see in the “reimagined” Review. The faith reflected in this journal is Christ-centered, clear-eyed, compassionate, and committed to making a difference in the church—and in the world.

If you’re a longtime reader and subscriber, then you know that these are the changes you’ve been asking us for in surveys, letters, and phone calls. And if you’re picking up this journal for the first time, know that we’re glad to welcome you to the vibrant, faithful flagship journal of a people still sailing toward Christ’s unshakeable kingdom.

Bill Knott is editor of the Adventist Review.

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