Mission DVD Now in Four Languages
English, French, Portuguese and Spanish discs released
he General Conference’s Office of Adventist Mission debuted its first multi-lingual edition of the Adventist Mission DVD, a resource informing members of mission projects worldwide. In addition to English, the free quarterly DVD now includes French, Portuguese and Spanish.
WINSOME WITNESS: Nine-year-old Vitoria will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Adventist Mission DVD. The child leads a small group for her friends in their neighborhood along the Amazon River in Brazil. [Photo: ANN]
Since 2006, the free quarterly DVD has been sent to every Seventh-day Adventist congregation in North America, and each divisional office around the world. It has also been translated and distributed by the Adventist Church in Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway and the Czech Republic in their respective languages. The new move marks the first time the DVD has been mass-produced in multiple languages.
"We're already getting great feedback on this from Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries," said Adventist Mission staffer Dan Weber, one of the DVD's producers.
More people in different regions will be able to use the new version, according to several church leaders. "[This] will enable us to bring this material to some 80 percent of the congregations in Central America," said Carlyle Bayne, a ministries director for the church's Inter-American region.
R. Danforth Francis, West-Central Africa Division Adventist Mission Director, added, “I believe that this [new DVD] will help French, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking youth and adults hear the call of [overseas] missions as the call of God.”
Each DVD features about a dozen stories of varying length showing ways Adventists around the world are sharing God's love through mission. The DVD is typically viewed during Sabbath School, church, between services or in homes. Each DVD has at least one story written for and narrated by a child.
Stories on this quarter's DVD include features on a floating clinic in Indonesia, a believer's commitment to faith in hostile surroundings in Cote D'Ivoire, and other projects throughout Southeast Asia and Africa.
To order a complimentary copy of the DVD visit the Adventist Mission website.

                                                        -- Reported by Ansel Oliver, Adventist News Network, with AR staff


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