Do You Follow God or Pop Culture?
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opular culture is against God’s plan for His children. Those who love Jesus should naturally accept God’s culture—as evidenced in His commandments to us—as truth. Think about some of the things you see in mass media, or maybe the friends you associate with, and compare them to God’s law:

Only one God: Many today are interested in spiritualism and believe there are many gods. Their motto: Just pick the one you want. People also make other things in their lives more important than God.

Idolatry: How about the way many people love the things they create, work for, or possess more than God?

Misusing God’s name: How often do you hear people at school, work, or in movies use the name Jesus or God in an offensive way?

The Sabbath: Saturday is very different for Sabbathkeepers than it is for the rest of the world.

Honor your parents: Is this a popular theme in today’s selfish society?

Murder: It seems the only interesting stories these days involve murder.

Adultery: The rest of today’s interesting stories, if they don’t involve murder, appear to involve adultery. And it’s harder not to commit adultery in your heart when attractive people are dressed a certain way.

Stealing: As the world’s population grows, and economies slow, people must compete more for wealth. Many today don’t think stealing is morally wrong.

Lying: Like stealing, many don’t think it’s wrong to lie when doing so will serve them, or put down their competition.

Coveting: How many songs, shows, and feelings have you heard, seen, and experienced that promote wanting something one should not have?

If you want to be different, if you want to duck out of the mainstream for good, let God’s Word be your guide.

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