Writing Guidelines for the Adventist Review

Maybe the Lord wants you to write for the Adventist Review. We’re looking for new writers--men and women of all ages, particularly young adults, whom the Lord has gifted and called to write. We’re searching for people with a passion for God. Here’s a broad outline of the types of articles we believe are compelling, relevant, and inspirational to the readers of our publication:
The Platform
Spiritual Food: How can we cultivate our relationship with God? What will help us know Jesus better?
Message & Mission: What makes us Seventh-day Adventists? What is unique about our beliefs and God-given tasks?
Diversity: Ethnic, age, and gender differences in our writers and those in our stories are strongly encouraged. The Review is for all people.
Reader Interaction: We solicit letters from our readers to let us know how we’re doing with providing relevant, timely, and inspirational stories. We also ask for brief and sometimes humorous anecdotes about Adventist Christian life, profound quotes, special camp meeting memories, and other “jots and tittles” for our Give & Take page.

The Spin
Articles such as the cover story, editorials, devotionals, and news are in every issue; other types of articles vary week by week. The following is a list of the types of articles we generally print, a brief description of their focus/theme, the word length for each, and the editor responsible for coordinating those particular sections of the magazine: 

Article Type 

Cover story


Spiritual Growth


Give & Take


Adventist Life

Church Life



News Features

News Briefs


Book Reviews



Mission, outreach, current issues, service, etc.

Adventist history

Devotionals, theology, last days, prophecy, Second Coming

Inspirational stories of faith and spiritual growth

Brief anecdotes, quips, quotes, photos

Short, specific, topical

Service/outreach, discipleship, Christian lifestyle

Life with a community of believers

Inspirational and personal

Practical, factual

Current events

Current events

Relationships, values, ethnics, Christians in society, etc.

New Releases 

Current issues affecting Adventists and other Christians


1,800 to 2,400

1,200 to 1,500

1,200 to 1,500

1,200 to 1,500

Up to 200

1,200 to 1,500

700 to 1,500


700 to 1,200

800 to 1,200

50 to 200

1,200 to 1,500

200 to 300




Lael Caesar

Gerald Klingbeil
Lael Caesar

Steve Chavez

Kimberly Maran

Kimberly Maran

Sandra Blackmer

Sandra Blackmer

Wilona Karimabadi

Sandra Blackmer

Mark Kellner

Mark Kellner





Deeply spiritual material.
The difference God makes in our lives.
Solidly based in Scripture and consistent with Ellen G. White's counsels.
Accompanying references for technical material and quotes.
Writing that is open, honest, candid, personal, real, vulnerable, databased, fresh, lively, upbeat.
For some, it could be helpful to read books and articles on writing and /or take a writing class or seminar.

Tired, familiar ideas.
Top-of-the-head writing.
Multiple submissions (fi you send your manuscript elsewhere, don't send it to us).
Heavy on quoted material--keep it below 15 percent.
Long quotes from songs or hymns (copyright costs can be high!).
Fiction or dreams.
More than two manuscripts at once.
Too many manuscripts from one author--we need variety.
Long, academic dissertations.

Here's How It All Happens

You get an idea (focus on only one), write it out in detail, boil it down, and boil it down again to meet necessary lengths previously listed. 
You submit a double-spaced manuscript and a cover letter. Send via regular mail or e-mail. Addresses:
                   Manuscript Submissions
                   Adventist Review
                   12501 Old Columbia Pike
                   Silver Spring MD   20904-6600
             E-mail: manuscripts@adventistreview.org
Your manuscript gets evaluated by at least two editors. (Fewer than 20 percent are accepted.)
We notify you of our decision, usually within eight weeks. In rush times we cannot always notify writers of rejections unless they send a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) with the article. (Rejected articles are disposed of after six months.)
If we accept, we buy your manuscript for one-time use, then the copyright returns to you. We pay on acceptance, not publication. You won’t get rich writing for the Review, but you will receive a check in the mail:   
          $75-$250 for unsolicited articles
          $80 - $300 for solicited articles
          (No payment for Give & Take, News, or Letters.)
We will request your biographical information, your Social Security number, a photo, and a request to grant our publishing houses overseas permission to reprint without cost.
Your article appears in the Adventist Review,although usually not right away.It might be some time before it is printed. 
You’re happy. Thousands of readers benefit.
Send in Those Articles!!


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