he Rietman brothers—Ben, Charles, and Josh—have dedicated their lives to witnessing for Christ. Together they are working as Bible workers to share the love of God throughout the New York Conference by holding Bible studies, organizing evangelistic meetings, and starting churches. These young men—Ben, the oldest, is 23—gave their hearts to the Lord only three years ago, exclusively through the influence of Seventh-day Adventist television programming and the Holy Spirit. (You can read their powerful testimony "Brothers of the Sword" in the March 12 issue of the Review.)
With the help of several other Bible workers, the brothers started a small church plant in downtown Albany, New York, last year. Known as the Albany Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, the group has found a temporary home in the Emmaus United Methodist Church where they rent a room for church services every Sabbath. Ben, Charles, and Josh also held a series of evangelistic meetings on the book of Revelation at the same location. The following photo essay—taken on November 14, 15—follows the brothers through a weekend of working for Christ in Albany.

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