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A pagan prophet - Was Balaam a prophet of God? Balaam is an enigmatic figure (Num. 22-24). We would like to know more about him, yet the only information we have is what the text provides. And that is what we will briefly examine.

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Beautiful Hill - AS EARLY AS 1875 A GROUP OF INVESTORS discovered a low hill rising from the valley floor south of San Bernardino in southern California--and dreamed of creating a planned city.

On the Wings of the Wind - STUCK AMONG OTHER NOTICES ON A nursing home manager's door, it showed a caricatured old missionary in a pith helmet, asking the plaintive questions "Which way were they headed?

Responses, Retorts, Rebuttals - The common argument against the existence of God is If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why is there evil?

The Ministry of Healing Proteced for Member, Subscriber, Author, Editor, Admin user levels - THE OBJECT AND AIM OF THE BOOK Ministry of Healing is to promote comfort and hope to the sick and suffering, and encouragement and counsel to friends, nurses, and physicians who are engaged in the blessed work of ministering to the afflicted ones

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