Where Do I Start?
Here are the steps to take to find your place to belong.                                                 [Main Story]
1 Find where the warmth in your Adventist experience still remains—that sense of belonging; a time, person, or place when you felt connected to God and the church. You will recognize it because there you will encounter an ache in your soul that God longs to fill with Himself, and there you will find your own redemption story.

2 Find a mentor whom you can challenge so that you can formulate your own personal beliefs. I challenge Adventist leaders to open their lives to the young people around them so they can see why you have committed to being part of the Adventist Church.

3 Find a spiritual community where you receive support and can express your spiritual gifts. You can recognize a safe haven because people there demonstrate “dependence upon God alone as the Source of all life. The foundation is strengthened by deep relationships growing out of involvement with others, openness toward them, and interdependency upon these fellow members of Christ’s body,”* a place where you are free to find, develop, and implement your unique ministry in the body of Christ.

4 Network with other young adult Adventists around the world to experience the power of being in a worldwide church (a place to start: www.saltyfish.net). Every-
thing is better when shared with other people. It is easy to feel all alone, in the Midwest, in the mission field, in the middle of an Adventist center. So let’s build solid Christian friendships with one another, with Adventist leaders/
mentors, and create a place for others who want this type of community.
*The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, by David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen (1991).

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