Seven Ways to Get K.I.D.
in Your Church          [Main Story]

1. K.I.D. University:
A three-day training event offered at church-based training centers where the K.I.D. ministry is effectively modeled. Churches send a team for training that includes the pastor and 2 to 3 volunteer leaders who are equipped to lead the K.I.D. ministry in their local congregations and neighborhoods.

2. K.I.D. Family: Provides free downloadable discipleship resources to parents, grandparents, and other mentors who cannot attend a small-group setting and want to disciple their own children to Jesus Christ. Discipleship lessons, lesson tutorials, and a training DVD will be available online.

3. K.I.D. Retreat: A weekend training event that equips pastors, family life directors, children’s ministries directors, and youth directors to lead weekend family retreats focused on discipleship. K.I.D. Retreat equips attending families to make their
homes discipleship centers to reach their neighborhoods for Jesus Christ.

4. K.I.D. City: Places full-time missionary couples in major cities to open their homes as discipleship centers to reach the children and families in their neighborhoods. The K.I.D. missionary couple trains willing church families within the city to utilize the K.I.D. Footprints curriculum for their families and children and as an evangelistic tool for the families in their neighborhoods.

5. K.I.D. Missionary Family: Equips missionary families to make their homes discipleship centers. Missionary families utilize the K.I.D. Footprints curriculum to disciple their own children to Jesus Christ and to reach out to the families in their communities.

6. K.I.D. Plant: A two-day training event at a church plant site that incorporates discipleship principles into a church plant. K.I.D. Plant equips leaders to use the K.I.D. Footprints curriculum as an evangelistic tool for the families and children of their neighborhood.

7. K.I.D. School: A 2-day training event in a church/school setting for teacher/administrator, pastor, and parent teams. K.I.D. School mobilizes each team to work together with an evangelistic mind-set to disciple every student in the Adventist church school system to Jesus Christ.

For information on these programs, contact the K.I.D. Ministry Center at 423.893.3266 and visit
Kids in Discipleship online.

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