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24CN: E.E. Cleveland, Renowned Evangelist, Dies at 88

24CN: Nay, An Adventist, Takes Oath as U.S. Ambassador to Suriname

The Hunt of History Proteced for Member, Subscriber, Author, Editor, Admin user levels - With God's leading, youth ministries converged--and Pathfinders was born.

1524 RNS News 2

24CN: James Standish Returns to GC as UN Liaison

1524 Web Letters

24CN: The First Black Adventist Chaplain Dies

1524 RNS News

24CN: Seventh-day Commitment, Adventist Golfer Puts HIs Faith Ahead of On-course Success

It's All About You(th) - The hard work of thousands of volunteers over months and months finally pays off.

Pathfinder Museum - Battle Creek's Historic Adventist Village will soon have a museum dedicated to Pathfinders and other youth ministries.

24CN: Oshkosh Day One: Setup Occupies Camporee Attendees

24CN: Camporee Opens With “Courage to Stand”

24CN: Pathfinder Honors, Off-site Fun Come Quickly at Oshkosh

24CN: Pathfinder Drill Teams March to Different Beat

With Honors - Those patches are more than just decoration.

Outstanding Pathfinder Clubs: Their Stories - Pathfinder Clubs come in all sizes and configurations. So you'd expect their stories to reflect that, right?

Why This Commemorative Edition? - Why send a team of AR staffers to a kid's event? Because missing that would have been a travesty.

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