That commitment, voiced years ago by a Christian gospel group, sums up what this special issue of the Adventist Review is all about. Now in its 160th year, this magazine has always been focused on handing faith on to new generations of believers. We’re determined that when the Lord Jesus comes again, He will find faith on earth (Luke 18:8). We’ll do everything in our power to help Adventist youth find the “Courage to Stand” for the Lord Jesus in a world of challenging choices and distractions.

This issue celebrates the amazing story of the Pathfinder movement, focused this month on the Pathfinder Camporee August 11-15 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (U.S.), that brings more than 35,000 Pathfinders and leaders from around the world together for training, fun, inspiration, and recommitment. Through the work of a dedicated editorial team and our publishing partners at the Review and Herald Publishing Association, stories and images from the camporee will reach thousands of Adventists in near-record time in both print and Web editions (www.adventistreview.org).

Special thanks to Adventist Review team members Claude Richli, Wilona Karimabadi, Mark A. Kellner, Marvene Baptiste, and Alfredo Garcia-Marenko on site in Oshkosh, and Kimberly Luste Maran and Steve Chavez in Maryland. Their hard work and dedication allow us to tell the story of an amazing group of youth who give us great hope for the future of this movement. 

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