Resources on Depression                                      [Main Story]

Compiled by Katia Garcia Reinert
National Web Sites:
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Serviceswww.healthfinder. gov/default.aspx
National Women’s Health Resource
National Institute of Mental
National Mental Health Information Resources:
International Association for Women’s Mental
Mental Health
Institute of Medicine of the National
International Web Sites:
World Health
World Federation for Mental
Australian National University Centre for Mental Health
Other Resources:
Nedley Depression Recovery
National Foundation for Depressive
American Association of

Printed Materials:
Depression: The Way Out, by Neil Nedley
Feeling Good, by David Burns
Telling Yourself the Truth, by William Backus
Beyond Sadness (brochure; available in 12 languages from the University of Michigan Depression Center)—
Mind, Character, and Personality, vols. 1 and 2, by Ellen G. White
New Light on Depression, by David Biebel and Harold G. Koenig
Depression (brochure by NIH-National Institutes of Mental Health)—

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