Canadian Evangelist Lawton Lowe Dies

awton George Lowe, a prominent, longtime evangelist for the Adventist Church in Canada, died on August 28, 2009, in a health-care facility near his home in Welland, Ontario, Canada. He was 83.

 Photo: Canadian Adventist Messenger
Lowe served as an administrator and an evangelist throughout Canada as well as a missionary in India and Sri Lanka. Prior to studying for the ministry, Lowe worked as a machinist and a welder in Welland and in Port Robinson, Ontario. In 1944 he joined the Canadian Armed Forces and served his country overseas until World War II ended the following year. He and his wife, Esther Drury, were married in 1945. He began his service as a pastor, evangelist, and missionary in 1961.

“Lawton is one of the great Canadian Adventists,” Dan Jackson, president of the Adventist Church in Canada, told the Adventist Review. “There will be thousands of people who trace their introduction to Jesus back to Lawton’s ministry—not only in Canada but overseas, as well.”

Adventist Review features editor Sandra Blackmer, a Canadian born and reared in Brantford, Ontario, is one of those who can trace their conversion and baptism to an evangelistic series held by Lowe.
  “My mother joined the Adventist Church when I was 12, so she was my initial and most prominent spiritual influence in those early years,” Blackmer notes. “But it was during an evangelistic series held by Pastor Lowe in Hamilton when I was 17 that I accepted Jesus as my Savior and made the decision for baptism. I literally will be eternally grateful to Pastor Lowe for encouraging me to make that most important, life-changing decision.”  
Lawton Lowe is survived by his wife, Esther; a daughter, Susanna; a son, Garry; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

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