North American Church Finances
Hold in Spite of Tithe Decline
Tithe, mission offering down slightly, treasurer reports

BY MARK A. KELLNER, news editor

eventh-day Adventists in North America returned $893.1 million in tithe during the economically challenged year of 2008, $3.4 million less than was received in the previous year, division officials reported November 6, 2009. An additional $23.6 million in mission offerings were furnished by parishioners, a drop of $405,000 from 2008.

G. Thomas Evans, North American Division Treasurer, told delegates to the year-end meetings that a variety of economic circumstances are affecting donations to Seventh-day Adventist congregations, among them being the state of the overall economy; downward adjustments in housing prices; the banking collapse and continued volatility in the stock market.

Reacting to the division’s overall financial position, Evans said that some of 2008’s investment losses were being recovered and that he was hopeful markets would continue to advance in 2010. No increases in payroll were anticipated for the NAD, a move that suggests employees of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which takes its cues from NAD remuneration policy, also will not get pay increases next year.

Discussing the division’s financial situation, Evans quoted Ellen G. White, a pioneering co-founder of the movement: “If I should look at the dark clouds--the troubles and perplexities that come to me in my work--I should have time to do nothing else. But I know that there is light and glory beyond the clouds. By faith I reach through the darkness to the glory.”

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