Source of Being
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Source of being, Grand Designer, Great Creator of all things,
Object of Angelic worship, God to whom all nature sings;
As you knelt on loamy soil, there to mold and craft our frame,
Our identity established in your great eternal name.

We have blurred the Godly image, stained ourselves with strife and sin,
Deep divided human nature, fractured being deep within.
Yet included in your family, are all peoples of the world.
We would join that congregation, where your banner is unfurled.

In the work of restoration, you have given us a part,
Healing broken sorrowing spirits, curing ills and mending hearts.
As the Savior fed the hungry, blessed the blind, the lame, the deaf,
We extend the hand of healing to the broken and bereft.

Through the Spirit kindly led us, let your church triumphant be,
'Till your image is reflected as our first priority.
Let us now take up the challenge, unity in Christ our goal,
Confident in God's assurance of His grace that makes us whole.

Copyright 2006 by Gary Patterson

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