Adventist School’s Nursing Grads
Rank Number One on Exam
Atlantic Union College’s students among nation’s top nursing scholars

Public Relations director, Atlantic Union College
tudents at a Seventh-day Adventist-owned college are among those ranked at the highest level among the 1653 nursing programs in America. The Atlantic Union College Nursing Department just received a report of the results of the NCLEX-RN, the National Council Licensure Examination, which is the nurses’ licensing exam. Graduating nurses took the exam between May and September, 2009.
“All 25 of our May graduates passed the exam,” says Lenora Follett, department chair.
HAPPY GRADUATES: Recent Atlantic Union College nursing program graduates have a reason to smile. Their program is among the 157 college-level nursing programs in the United States ranked number one for having all graduates pass their licensing exams. [Photo: Atlantic Union College]
Atlantic Union College (AUC) shares this number 1 ranking with 157 other nursing programs in the nation with 100-percent pass rates. The total number of nursing programs with at least 10 graduates taking the test is 1653--including 610 Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, 990 Associate Degree programs, and 53 Diploma programs.
AUC’s seven nursing professors focus on making this success possible by maintaining a high standard for students passing their exams, conducting good review classes, and expecting students to use critical thinking in clinical lab, skills lab, and case studies.
“Students must work hard to learn the extensive amount of material that must be learned to become a professional nurse,” explains Follett.
Students in AUC’s nursing program are predominantly from Massachusetts, yet they come from all over the world including the Caribbean and Africa. They must have a grade point average of 2.75 to enter program and a reading level of thirteenth grade.
“Congratulations to your entire team,” said AUC president Norman Wendth. “This is quite an impressive feat.”
A new cohort (semester) of students will begin classes in January, 2010. Atlantic Union College can be found online at

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