Toward a Theology of the Remnant

BY GERALD A. KLINGBEIL                                                                                                 [Main Story]
or those interested in taking a closer look at the important concept of the remnant from a biblical and theological perspective, the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists just published a very helpful snapshot of Adventist thinking about the remnant. The volume, entitled Toward a Theology of the Remnant, was edited by Angel Manuel Rodríguez, director of the BRI, and contains 11 chapters (plus a helpful appendix) written by a group of international Adventist scholars. Each of the articles was read and critiqued by the larger BRI committee during its biennial meetings over the past few years.

Topics such as the remnant in the Old Testament, in noncanonical Jewish apocalyptic literature, in the book of Revelation, and in the writings of Paul are interspersed with other theological topics (“Sabbath Theology in the Book of Revelation” or “Identifying Marks of the End-time Remnant in the Book of Revelation”). The editor also has included a discussion of the place of the remnant in the writings of Ellen White as well as a useful appendix that reviews the use of the phrase “testimony of Jesus” in the writings of Ellen White. All in all, a must-read for church members, avid Bible students, and pastors who would like to think together with the best of Seventh-day Adventist scholarship about the biblical concept of the remnant. You can order this volume online at

This article was printed December 10, 2009.

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