Tips on How to Start a
Local Prison Ministry               [Main Story]

1. Each local church should choose a prison ministries leader.
2. The prison ministries leader should try to solicit the interest and help of other church members by announcing their plans in church, putting them in the bulletin, and calling on members individually.
3. All people involved in prison ministry work should be approved by the local prison ministries leader. It is important that all legalities/confidentiality procedures be followed in the selection of such persons.
4. Form an organizational council of interested persons.
5. Decide what types of prison ministry (Bible school, services in a prison, pen pal ministry, etc.) would be suitable for your church and work in the conference format for that particular ministry—check with your local conference for this information.
6. It is suggested that all persons involved in prison ministry attend a conference training workshop, which may be available to your church upon request.
7. The local organizational council should meet quarterly and annually to reevaluate goals and plans for their ministry.
8. Find out what guidelines your conference may have in regard to prison ministries and follow these guidelines. You may also contact the North American Division Adult Ministries Department for further guidance.
This material has been adapted from the Georgia-Cumberland Conference ministries program,
This article was printed December 17, 2009.

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