A GYC History: What God Has Joined Together

When I graduated from Southern Adventist University in 2000, I wanted to be what I thought was the quintessential youth worker: a professional kid. At the time I was like Saul, as my unconverted life and ministry were unintentionally working against the Lord I claimed to know and love. Although I didn’t realize it, I needed a Damascus road experience; and GYC was it. After watching GYC 2004 on 3ABN, I took a handful of students to GYC 2005 as an experiment. When they shared their excitement about serious Bible study, a larger group attended GYC 2006. Even after I moved away from that school the following year, still more students went to GYC 2007 and 2008, demonstrating that young people are more interested in principle than personality.                                                                                                                                    [Main Story]
Emilie: When I graduated from Southern in 2001, I became a high school English teacher. Two years later I moved to Loma Linda, where I eventually joined Advent HOPE Sabbath School. It was because of my involvement there that I attended two local GYC events and then decided to go to GYC 2007.
Kameron: Although we cared for each other deeply, after I graduated, Emilie and I parted ways because she knew that at that time I was simply not the man I should be. Thus, other than sporadic communication out of curiosity, our lives unfolded independently. By 2007, however, I was a much more committed Christian and pastor in Florida, while Emilie was moving back to Maryland to take nursing. She made a detour to attend GYC on her drive across the country. During that conference we both saw the most incredible providences guiding our lives closer to the Lord and back to each other.
Emilie: The moral of our story is not “GYC is an Adventist matchmaking service”! Neither of us ever had any such expectation, and we do not recommend others go with that intention. While we are now happily married and have a wonderful testimony to share, the details of how we reconnected aren’t the reason we’re telling our story. Amos 3:3 asks: “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (KJV). We are walking together today because both of us are now deeply committed to Christ and the identity and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, thanks in part to GYC. We praise the Lord for ministries such as GYC and by God’s grace intend to remain faithful to His work until His soon return.

Kameron and Emilie DeVasher live in Orlando, Florida, where Kameron is an associate pastor of the Avon Park Adventist Church and Emilie works as a nurse.



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