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efore deciding to care for a loved one in your own home, it’s important to consider the following:

• What level of care does your loved one need?
• Are you able to provide that care 24/7? If not, who else will be providing care?
• Would your loved one feel comfortable in your home?
• Would he or she have their own bedroom? Bathroom?
• Would space in your home allow for a wheelchair, walker, or other equipment, if needed?
• Do you have the financial resources to care for your loved one in your home?
• Who would plan and prepare well-balanced daily meals?
• Would your loved one be alone during the day or night?
• Who would transport your loved one to medical/dental and other appointments?
• Who would assist with medications, if needed?
• What social/religious activities would your loved one have the opportunity to participate in?
• What options are available to you, as a caregiver, to take necessary breaks?
• Who would care for your loved one if you became ill or needed to be away?

An excellent online resource is the “Caregiver’s Home Companion.". This Web site specializes in providing useful tips, advice, information, and resources to the family caregiver of the elderly.

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