he Adventist Review staff is happy to provide ongoing dispatches, reports, and updates, and commentary, as a service to our readers. Check back often for the latest updates from our correspondents in inter-America. As we learn more about the effects of the earthquake on the church we will post the information promptly.

Earthquake Survivors Pick Up the Pieces and Minister to Others
The recovery efforts continue against all odds.

Video Report From Haiti
ADRA leaders in Inter-America report on the Adventsit Church's relief efforts in Haiti.

Haiti: Tensions Rise Among Survivors Desperate for Aid
ADRA provides food for thousands; Loma Linda University supports medical relief.

At Least 522 Adventists Known Dead in Haiti Earthquake
55 churches destroyed, 60 more damaged; 27,000 members are homeless.

Paulsen Comforts Haitian Adventists

North America votes $775,000 for Haiti, plans to raise $1M.

FoxNews Reports on Port-au-Prince Adventist Church
Church members organize to care for survivors.

Adventists Move in Haiti Earthquake Relief;
Loss of Members' Lives Feared

ADRA, Loma Linda University, Inter-America bringing aid

Haiti: How to be a Good Samaritan
Monti Sahlin reminds us that God loves cheerful and carefull givers.

Haiti: Relief Efforts Underway
in Aftermath of Devastating Earthquake

Thousands of Adventists are still unaccounted for.

Haiti: Church Leaders Ready to Assess Damage
After 7.3 Earthquake Hits

Initial reports indicate widespread devastation and tens of thousands of casualties and deaths.

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