Ready Your Sabbath School Room
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he following is a checklist designed to help children’s ministries leaders ready their programs and rooms to work best with a special-needs child:

• Evaluate safety issues and precautions
• Ensure nearby bathroom facilities
• Have smooth-flowing traffic patterns
• Provide a variety of textures and surfaces
• Have schedules appropriate to age level
• Alternate active and quiet time
• Where possible include indoor and outdoor activities
• Balance teacher-directed and child-directed activities
• Develop clear and predictable rules
• Have a flexible schedule and provide regular routine
• Reduce distractions, both physical and verbal
• Build success into activities
• Use clear, positive feedback
• Use logical consequence
• Provide clear verbal and physical cues
• Organize all paperwork/materials
• Provide resources and areas to encourage good work habits
• Schedule both discussion and work times
• Locate and use all avenues for help
• Identify people with useful knowledge
• Engage the child’s attention
• Prepare the child for transitions
• Emphasize what needs attention
• Respond to and follow the child’s lead
• Visit and share information with parents
• Become aware of family/sibling situations
• Seek information from resource people
• Have a backup plan
Reproduced from Let All the Children Come to Me: A Practical Guide to Including Children With Disabilities in Your Church Ministries, by MaLesa Breeding, Dana Hood, and Jerry Whitworth.

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