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am studying abroad in Spain, and Praizevision allows me to hear sermons. You do not know how difficult it is at times to be without a church, but I praise God for this Web site—my church away from church!

—Whitney, Rhode Island

Praizevision allows me to listen to the Word of God every day of the week. When I have a break from classes in college I can listen to the Word of God on my laptop—sermons from Atlanta, Florida, and Maryland, just to name a few. Thank you, Praizevision, for your great ministry!
—Pamela, New York
I just wanted to say thanks for your ministry. I mentioned it on my page because of a sermon I was listening to, and one of my friends who is not Adventist said they would check it out. It’s another avenue of witnessing, and in this day and age a logical, simple but powerful way of witnessing. Keep up the good work.
—Janelle, Maryland
I thank God for the Praizevision ministry. It has been less than a year since my baptism, and although many in my family have been Seventh-day Adventists for years, I had no idea how large the faith of truth really is. It is an awesome experience to see many wonderful men and women of God preach the Word with such passion and truth; it would be hard for anyone not to get excited. I watch sermons from all over the country every day at work, and it allows me to maintain a peace that can be received only by the Holy Spirit through the Word. I recommend Praizevision to all my friends, whether they are [Adventist] or not. May God continue to bless this ministry, as it has blessed so many with its up-to-date news, updates, and sermons of praise and worship.
—Tameeka, Newport News, Virginia
I am very thankful for Praizevision. It has truly been a blessing to me. I enjoy the sermons very much. Whenever life’s cares seem overwhelming and I need words of assurance, the sermons are always timely reminders that God is in control. May God continue to bless this ministry.
—Sashoi, Bronx, New York

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