2010 Ministry Seminar to
Originate From Pasadena
Event to feature noted theologians Volf, Shuster, Adams, and Geraty
Fuller Seminary professor Marguerite Shuster
our of the world’s top expositors of the Christian message will unite to present unique perspectives on communicating God’s Word in “The Word. . . For These Times,” the 2010 Ministry Professional Growth Seminar orga-nized by the Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The event is expected to be held April 20, 2010, in Pasadena, Cali-fornia, adjacent to world-renowned Fuller Theological Seminary.
Speaking from the sanctuary of the First Congregational Church will be noted Yale University theologian Miroslav Volf; Fuller Seminary’s Marguerite Shuster; Adventist Review associate editor Roy Adams; and Lawrence Geraty, president emeritus of La Sierra University in Riverside, California.
“It’s a great privilege to share 
these experts with the world, and I’m excited about bringing this event to the Pacific Union [Conference],” said Anthony R. Kent, associate ministerial secretary for the worldwide Adventist Church and conference director. “Ministers around the world will not only hear great preaching ideas; they’ll know it is originating from the Pacific Union.”
Yale Divinity School professor Miroslave Volf. [Photos: GC Ministerial Association]
Miroslav Volf currently serves as the Henry B. Wright professor of theology at Yale Divinity School. He is founder and director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. A native of Croatia, Volf has forged a theology of forgiveness and nonviolence in the face of the horrendous violence experienced in Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s. While he maintains an active interest in many aspects of faith’s relation to culture, his primary work has focused on theological understandings of work, the church, the Trinity, violence, reconciliation, and memory. Volf is a highly awarded author; among other honors, Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace was selected as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2006. Another of Volf’s books, Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation, has been recognized by Christianity Today as one of the most significant theological books to be published in the past 100 years.
Marguerite Shuster is a returning guest speaker at the Ministry seminar. She is currently the Harold John Ockenga professor of preaching and theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Shuster joined the School of Theology faculty in 1992 after serving as an adjunct assistant professor. Her courses include Homiletics, System-atic Theology, Making Doctrine Live, and various preaching practicums. Shuster’s published books include The Fall and Sin: What We Have Become as Sinners (2004); Perspectives on Christology: Essays in Honor of Paul K. Jewett (1991); and Power, Pathology, Paradox: The Dynamics of Evil and Good (1987). She is currently working on a long-term project on the doctrine of divine providence. Shuster is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and served as an associate pastor for six years, then as a solo pastor for five years.

Adventist Review and Adventist World associate editor Roy Adams
Known and admired by Adventists and others around the globe, Roy Adams is also a returning speaker. He’s an associate editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines, the global papers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and has served in these positions since 1988. He was born in the Caribbean and received his education at schools in Grenada, Trinidad, Canada, and the United States. The bulk of his pastoral work was in the Ontario and Quebec prov-inces of Canada. After completing a Ph.D. in theology from Andrews University, he lectured at what is now the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines. From that base, Roy Adams’ teaching and speaking appointments took him to many other Asian countries, and he continues to be a highly sought-after international speaker at major clergy professional development meetings. Adams has also served as associate secretary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada. Adams is a prolific writer and has authored several books. His three latest are Crossing Jordan (2005); From the Heart (2007); and The Wonder of Jesus (2008).
While many in the Pacific Union Conference know Lawrence Geraty by his last position, some may not know his extensive, varied background. He grew up as a citizen of the world in the family of Christian missionaries who ministered in China, Burma, Hong Kong, and
La Sierra University president emeritus Lawrence Geraty
Lebanon. Education in seven different countries and various states across the United States set him on a lifelong course committed to the values of diversity. Geraty earned a Ph.D. with distinction from Harvard University in Hebrew Bible and biblical archaeology, taking examinations in 10 languages. In his notable scholarly career Geraty has received numerous honors, including a Fulbright Fellowship, and served as advisor on archaeology to former Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan. As well as being president of several scholarly societies, he has also served as a  professor of archaeology and history of antiquity at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, president of Atlantic Union College, and more recently president and professor of archaeology at La Sierra University.
The April 20 event in Pasadena is open to the public and will be broadcast in North America via the Hope Church Channel, as well as over the Internet. More information on the seminar can be found at www.preach.ministerialassociation.com, where details on signing up to host a remote broadcast can also be found. 
Reported by Adventist Review staff with information from the General Conference Ministerial Association.

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